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I have not been this happy since I visited Monica back in early August. Everything is just, well, brighter. I sleep soundly, I smile all the time, and the COE isn't even an issue. I mean, my focus is just all there. Monday morning I went running at the gym (total disaster from the allergies, but I did it...), had a productive day at the office, took her out for a nice dinner that night, and I took yesterday off and spent the whole time with Monica. (Had to borrow against vacation time, yet again)

It was just way too perfect. (Except Monica's still not feeling well from her trip and I'm dying of allergies) We slept in yesterday morning, just laid in bed talking about everything and nothing. At about 9:30 I got up and made us Granny Smith apple pancakes, along with Morning Star Farms "vegetarian bacon strips" and orange juice.

Then she got dressed and I cleaned a bit, then I went into the shower. As soon as I stepped out, she came upstairs to tell me there was someone knocking at the door. I came out in a towel and decided we shouldn't bother answering it. I wasn't about to tromp downstairs right out of the shower, unless it was Ed McMahon with a check for a million dollars. And there's no way that'll ever happen.

Then Moni and I ended up back in bed. We got up around 3:30 because we discovered the toilet broke and I had to get set up for a PT client later on. I took her out to Low Fat No Fat and then drove her for a mini-tour of downtown Boston.

Monica was still a little weak from being sick, so I took her back home to sleep before I went to HW.

My client session flew right by. After that, I picked up my prescription for Claritan and dinner for Moni. When I got home, I took my Claritan (and could BREATHE!!!!!) and surprised Monica with the dinner on a tray, which I brought to her in bed. She was stunned. Hee hee-- I love surprising her with little things like that...

Now, this is just how dedicated I am to my PT clients... I got my ass up at 4:45 a.m. to bike to HW downtown in order to help her with her first Spin class. (I don't charge for extras like that) It's a 40 min ride and I biked so Monica could have my car today.

The Spin class was torture. It was a 45 min. Interval class. With my miserable allergies, I pretty much gasped through the whole thing. But I survived it, then walked to work because I left Monica my train pass. I discovered it only took 20 min., the same amount of time it takes to take the train. And often the train is longer because I have to wait. I will never take the train from HW downtown to the office again, unless it's raining.

So, here I sit, rotting at the office while my beautiful girlfriend is at home. But you know what? I've never been happier. And she's picking me up at 5:30. : )

I'm trying to convince her to stay until Sunday. Not sure if it'll happen because her band is supposed to do a show on Saturday. Other wise she leaves Friday. : ( I want her to come to Circuit Girl with me on Friday, then Saturday I want to take her for a bike ride and picnic. That night I want to bring her to this AMAZING Japanese restaurant. So pray she gets to stay... it's my sanity at stake here...! : )

Okay, back to work... but at least my heart is singing...

One more thing: Mia apparently loves Monica, too. Yesterday morning she did that sucking-nursing thing to her shirt that she does to me. She hasn't ever done that to anyone else except me. A sign? Yes. "Mia has two mommies..." LOL!!!! ; )

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