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You know you're a wimp when you're sitting at your desk and you suddenly see a yellow jack flying around, causing you to screetch, "Miiiia! There's a bee in the house! Go get it...!", while fleeing to your bedroom in terror...

No, this is not a description of myself. I'd NEVER hide behind a kitten when faced with an angry bee...

In other news, the WTC attacks had a greater impact on my financial situation than I initially thought. Because I make money doing Personal Training by the hour, I lost QUITE a bit because of the cancellations. I discovered this when I received my puny paycheck, which, in turn, means I'm falling QUITE short on bills this month.

So, what does lizerk do when she's faced with hard times? Disconnect her cable modem? Get rid of her cell phone? Sell her bikes?

No no!!!

She sells her un-used biking / running clothing on eBay, of course!

Help a sistah out... buy my crap:
Dark Green Nike Dri-Fit

Nike Dri-Fit tank top

Hind "Hydrator" long sleeved shirt

Black Nike Long Sleeved Dri-Fit

Hind Biking Jersey

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