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The Littlest Biker That Could...

...Well, at least it was more "could" than "could not." : )

Christian and I went mountain biking at the Blue Hills. (And, sorry, I can't resist saying this, but G, I rode behind him most of the way and enjoyed the view... especially when we were climbing hills and he stood up... hee hee heeeeeee!)

This was GREAT ride! Clipless pedals and all. And I didn't fall once. I'm a pretty strong rider and this was a big deal to me because the last time I rode, my other friend took me on a trail that's meant for WALKING!!! He didn't even tell me until I said, "I've been here before and don't remember this part..."

It was all steep cliffs, roots, crazy uphills, narrow sharp turns... you get the idea.

And needless to say that when it was over, I looked like a walking ad for "Kids, always wear your helmet!" I couldn't even wear shorts when I worked at the gym, people kept staring. I really looked bad.

Anyway, it was a great run. Plus, it helped me expend some of my pent up energy. YAGH! I STILL haven't heard. So after an hour of all-out hard riding (my heart rate was consistently at 174, especially on the technical uphills), I'm still hyper. This wait is killing me. And I'll tell you, if I don't get it after all this, I don't know what I'll do. This suspense is a little too much.

But, just to be on the safe side, I have 2 interviews lined up at the end of the week. Both are PR agencies. But I'd prefer to have to call and say, "Hi, I'm sorry, I have to cancel..."

Okay. Enough. I'm starving. I just ate some cottage cheese with blueberries, but I need a little more substance. Especially because I'm getting a Personal Training session from a former competitive body builder in 3 hours. : )

Then afterwards I'm traing *her*.

Ahhh... busy day. At least it's been keeping me from going completely insane...

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