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"Yo, man. Hit me wit some 'roids..."

So, after a GLORIOUS morning in which I got up at 4:40 a.m. (I'm not being sarcastic), then biked 40 min. to Boston for my HW clients, kicked my "Partner Clients" asses, and picked up two more PT clients on the floor (that's generally how I've been picking up my clients since June. That's where my PR expertise pays off... I self-market *quite* well.), I went to my doctor regarding the allergies.

I LOVE my doctor. She's so sweet and has a nice personality. As soon as I sat down and told her why I was there, she said, "Well, you know what my number 1 prescription would be regarding curing your allergies..."

"Don't even try," I replied, laughing. "Mia's my baby. What's your number 2 prescription?"

She laughed, then prescribed a Flonase inhaler w/ a little bit of a steroid in it, which made me laugh. Maybe eet will make me beeg ahnd strong like da Ahnold...! But probably not. Hey, just the ability to climb stairs without choking will suit me fine...!

Then there's a second inhaler I will carry for a need-basis. SoI also have an appointment with an allergist in a couple weeks, too. She told me he'll lecture me about Mia, so I said I'm not going to bother saying I own a cat by choice. I'm going to say I'm in an "unavoidable situation" that forces me to be around cats.

Dr. H nearly died when I admitted Mia sleeps with me. >:-)

Anyway, I plan on buying Mia this wooly little bed. Hopefully she'll prefer that over my company, but I doubt it. She's been getting more and more cuddly as the days go by. When I come home, she comes running, then I pick her up, we rub noses and she begins purring. Sooooo adorable.

So, I'm off to pick up my 'roids... >;-)

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