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"Raccoons and Rabbits and Skunks! Oh My...!"

This morning's bike ride, by far, had to have been the most exciting trip I've had to the downtown HW yet. Each morning I follow a path that winds around the river. Since I live in the 'burbs, it's pretty woodsy for the first half. In fact, there's this one part where there's nothing but suicidal rabbits running around. It's an interesting phenomenon. These bunnies look like they all came from a pet shop. I have a feeling that a couple of domestic rabbits got loose one year and started a family in the brush by Arsenal Street that has simply grown and grown and grown. There're white ones, brown ones with white tails, black ones, etc.

Whenever I ride through that section of the path, especially in the dark, I have a near collision with at least 2 or 3 rabbits. These kamakazi bunnies literally come running out just as soon as I get near them. I never understand it. It's like they wait for me to get right next to them, then just hurl themselves at my front wheel. I've hada couple run into my wheel or get tangled in my pedals. They usually bounce off and luckily I haven't fallen or killed one yet...

Anyway, aside from the rabbits, I had more to contend with. As I was watching for the rabbits, I nearly hit a skunk! Since I scared it, it jumped, its tail immediately standing straight up. I pedaled harder. As I did this, I passed a biker going in the opposite direction. "Careful- skunk!" I called to him as we passed one another. Hopefully he avoided getting doused with "Mother Nature's Perfume..."

Then as I relaxed back into my clipped pace, I nearly took out a BIG raccoon. This guy leaped into a tree, so at least I wasn't in danger of getting ripped apart...

So, after all of that excitement, I finally arrived at HW. I conducted a Health Assessment on one of my new clients, this girl who was in the Navy and is now in the Reserves. How exciting!! It'll be fun to challenge her. : )

Anyway, hopefully today will be a good one. I have a very cluttered schedule. Just the way I like it. : ) Then good old Circuit Girl. Maybe I'll wear a new pair of Caffeine raver pants I'd bought a couple months back. What I really can't wait for is the ability to go dancing in sports bras or short tank tops. My abs are starting to make a reappearance... :-D

Weee haaa!

As the HW tagline goes: "Living Fit... And Loving It!"

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