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"Second Generation Kristin M. M." <------ The woman who changed my life...

I met with a new client today. This woman's going to be a ton of fun. For one thing, she wants to schedule 3 times a week. But even better, she was one of my former Personal Trainer's clients. Wow. This means a lot to me because Kristin, my former Trainer, changed my whole life. It's because of her I'm doing what I do now. So to have the opportunity to take over one of her long-time clients gave me a special feeling of honor and pride.

Plus, we're going to be training and fundraising for next year's AIDS Ride together. So I'm doubly psyched.

To top things off, on my way home today I passed the Northeastern University boathouse, as I usually do when I ride my bike to downtown HW. But today one of my former teammates and the Varsity Women's Coach were standing on the front lawn, talking. I rode up to them and said hello.

We all chatted a bit and started discussing what we're all up to. Then I told them how I am now a full-time Personal Trainer. They were both impressed. The result of the conversation? I will be training the Varsity Women's team during the winter off-season. We will be working out the details when the Fall season wraps up.

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! I'm so excited! It'll be fun to be involved with the NU team again! I've missed being around the boathouse and the rowers...! Things just keep getting better and better.

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