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Ow... my bum...

Ohhhh boy. Fitness fitness fitness. I'd probably be the latest HW poster child, except I've been letting myself eat what I want. And it's all been out of pure hunger. Here's why:

Monday: biked 40 min. to HW. Ran 30 min. Worked the Tufts 10K, so basically stood on my feet with 7 other HW trainers for 2 hours and screamed my lungs out to motivated the runners. Ran another 30 min. Biked 40 min. home.

Tuesday: biked 40 min. to HW, did full body strength circuit, took a 50 min. Spin class, biked 25 min. to suburban HW.

Today I'll be leaving the bike at home and doing minor cardio work. I'm considering a Spin class, but my legs, esp. my butt, are REALLY kicked. Today may just be my "relaxing day." I'm working until 11:00 p.m., so it's not like I'll be sitting around. But no pizza or frozen yogurt today... : )

Anyway, I'm just wiped out. I've been neglecting e-mail and voice mail, so a round of "where are you's" have come up. Yep, I'm alive, just very busy and tired. But I'm loving it!!

I've been asked to be on a Fitness Panel this weekend, so I'm excited. It's for the Breast Cancer Walk. Basically it's to help gear people up for the 3 day walk and answer any questions they have for winter training. The walk will take place this coming May, so the people have plenty of time to get themselves on the right track. I'm psyched that I get to participate in this!!

Anyway, I'm at HW now, just finished with my first client of the day. Oy... I'm T I R E D.

Hee hee hee-- still don't mind the 4:50 a.m. wake-ups...! I just hate leaving snuggly Mia behind...

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