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They may be "Scratch-Proof"

...but they're not "Mia Proof."

I was EXHAUSTED after my early clients this a.m. As soon as I got home at 9:30 a.m., I ate my breakfast and sat on my bed to watch Regis and Kelly. Next thing I knew, I heard a click-click noise and Mia sniffing VERY close by.

I opened my eyes and I see gray and white fluff, a dark pink tongue and a tooth. AGH!!! I sat up. Mia rolled off my chest. MIA WAS CHEWING MY $350 GLASSES!!!!!!

I took them off and inspected the damage. Wow. I must have been really asleep. From the amount of small circular dents all over the edges of the lenses, clearly she had been at it for a while.

Well, guess what. These suckers were scratch proof. I'll just bring them right back in and be like, "Your cheap-ass glasses have scratches. You said they had a lifetime guarentee... fix them...!" I doubt they'll examine them and say, "Hmmm.. I dunno... these marks resemble that of a kitten's little teeth..."

Crazy cat. But she's so damn CUTE...! : ) Even when she's shredding my plants and eating my glasses...

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