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For every high...

... There can be a massive low. In my case it's currently a wave of lows.

I'm waiting for it to end. I suppose I can say, "look at the bright side, at least it's a beautiful day..."


So one of my friends went away for the summer. Great girl, I love her to pieces. She quickly became one of the most important people in my life. We even got a little closer than friends. But circumstances as they are don't support a relationship for us right now.

I didn't hear from her at all yesterday. That's extremely weird because we talk everyday, whether by AIM or e-mail. And I'd gotten pretty worried because she's been doing some "self-destructive activities" since she left.

I had written her a long e-mail very early yesterday morning. I never got a response. It was a pretty instense letter and that's why I was even more surprised not to get a peep out of her.

I finally called her several times and then got a hold of her. I expressed my concerns and she said she agreed with everything I'd said in my letter. But that she felt the same way I did and that it's been hard. And it's part of the reason she's been letting herself get into "destructive behavior."

Can we say icing on the cake?

No wait, we need to add the candles. I spoke to my Dad and told him what happened. He proceeded to yell at me. (Long story) I patiently waited till he was done. Then I very calmly said, "Dad. I called you to just talk. I was simply looking to you to be an ear to listen and update you on what's happening. If I wanted a lecture, I'd have asked for one."

Well, he felt really bad. So I guess I'm growing up. Not too long ago my immediate response would have been to yell right back at him until I got so fed up, I'd slam the phone down.

So I guess as disappointing as the phone call was, I showed myself a few things. And that made me a teeny bit happier. I really love my Dad. And I know he loves me.

On the ups, my awesome friend is currently sending me a new trance CD via AIM. :) Good, I can use some cheery new beats.

Blah, I have to work HW tonight. Thankfully I don't have any clients till tomorrow, just the Fitness Desk. But I'm a closer. Ugh. Oh well, it's not like I've been able to sleep this week anyway. May as well stay out all night.

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