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"No no no, Lees...!"

Hee hee hee. Currently at HW, but spent 25 min. on the phone with Kat. I told her about T and the ex and how she spent the night there last night.

Kat said, "Eh, who cares, Lees! You have to focus on Suzana! You like Suzana...!"

I started laughing. Then she said, "So, Lees. What's the deal these days?"

"In terms of what?"

"Well, are you dating guys or girls?"

I explained to her about M and how I consider myself a "bisexual lesbian." When I was done telling her about everyone from Liz, to Monica, to M, to TB, and all the others in between to, currently, the new drama with T, I concluded with, "I am attracted to men, but I am more emotionally with women. So I know that my life partner will eventually be a woman..."

"Well, Lees, that's perfect," she said. "You should go there and visit her..."

Heh heh heh... I guess according to Kat I'm preetty much already married to this woman...!

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