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You know you love your clients and job when...

... you drive all the way into town to pick them up and help then with bike shopping for 3 hours!

Yep, me and the client who used to belong to my trainer went out and got her a SWEET Trek hybrid bike that's more along the lines of a road bike, a pair of riding shoes, Spin saddle cover for classes, a helmet, locks, lights, and road maps. WHEEEEE!!!!!!

I think I was more excited than she was! We're going to do the Boston - New York AIDS ride together next year. So with me training her and us riding together, we'll be golden.

She couldn't stop thanking me. She'd been wanting to pick up a bike for quite a while, but couldn't get out to a decent shop. Heh, I was glad to do it. It always makes me happy when my clients get into their activities. I'd do anything to help them stay motivated and excited.

Gee, have I mentioned that I LOVE PERSONAL TRAINING?????

I mean, I can sit here, exhausted with vertigo et al and say, "I f*cking LOVE my career!!!!"

Haven't felt like that in... geez. I don't think ever...

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