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All about the hair, folks...

Today's been a weird day... It's been non-stop work, but ANYTHING but boring.

One little element that has made for interesting scenarios is my hair. It's gotten long. Well, not down-to-my-butt,-you-may-mistake-me-for-Cousin-It long, but long enough that I guess I'm getting stares and "attempts." I know I have nice hair, but I never understood how that made all the difference as to how frequently I get hit on and by whom.

I had been wearing a hat to HW the last couple weeks. I felt my hair was at an "awkward" length. But now it's manageable... It's soft and thick and a cool color, a blend of light and dark brown with subtle red and blond highlights... I flip it every which way throughout the day because it gets in my face.

I guess men and women like that. Couple that with the fact that I've lost weight and have gotten some of my definition back, well, it's weird. Or maybe I just have had food between my teeth or pen on my face...? Hee hee hee...

The BEST was when I was training Kris at her CoEd gym today... we're both cute girls and are VERY good and precise when it comes to lifting. Add in the fact that not many girls are usually in the heavy free weights area and voila! Two pieces of "eye candy."

LOL! People are funny...

But, alas, I know who I want. And they aren't found on the T or at the CoEd gym... : )

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