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"My Heart Will Go On..."

Insert dramatic Titanic music here... (gag)

Well, I've picked up the pieces and am carrying forward. I have to say, I was dreading my HW shift tonight, but I'm glad I came. (I'm still here actually, since I'm closing)

I had several appointments and gave a kick-ass abs class. (Hmm... perhaps kick-abs...? duh) I even picked up a new Personal Training client, so that was cool.

I'm trying to gear myself up for my interview tomorrow. It's a TOP TOP agency, I'll call them
F-H. So I'm going in there guns blazing, but I know a ton of people are going out for this one.

The cool thing is that these guys sought me out. They found my resume and asked me to come in, so that was nice. It won't hurt to try, right?

Then I have a phone interview on Friday for an agency as a Tech Press Release writer. That would be fun, I love translating techno-babble into English. :)

Anyboo, I feel a helluhva lot better. And I was happy, *she* called to cheer me up, which was nice. She's turning into an awesome friend.

Ahhh... tis time to go... I have a Fitness Assessment in a few minutes.

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