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Bowled Over-- WOW!

Well! I just got back from F-H and something amazing happened. I honestly didn't think I'd be impressed with anyone as much as I was with Matrix.


This agency is better than the way my first co. was. Way back before I was an intern I had fallen in love with my original co. They stood for everything I believed in and I even envisioned myself retiring there someday.

But then they got bought out and things began to deteriorate over the next couple years.

Anyway, F-H goes above and beyond what I had originally looked for in 1998 at M/ST. I got a stronger "I'm home" vibe than Matrix (which I didn't think was possible) and the woman told me that I'm a bit too junior to go into the position they're looking to fill, however she said she feels strongly that I belong there. She said she wants to find a fit and have me come on as an AE, which was where I had been when I left M/ST! Perfect!

So she asked me for my references, I showed her my writing and media samples, she was extremely impressed with the HW Personal Training and Fitness Specialist stuff and kept talking about how the fact that I did Crew was proof that I knew the true definition of a team. Best of all was what she said that made me feel good: She said I'm a rare find and represent everything F-H looks for in an employee. She said she admired my ambition and drive and that they'd be dumb to let someone like me slip away.

I'll be returning to meet with the GM on Monday, she has to get a time from him. She
even marched me around the office and introduced me to a ton of people!

The in-house recruiter who found my resume (she's in St., Louis) called me and said that the woman I met with, A, called her as soon as I left. A was as impressed with me as I was with her.

And I got this in response to my "thank you for our meeting" e-mail:

"Dear Liz:

Thanks for coming in. It is great to meet someone of such high quality and energy. I am in the process of trying to set something up for you to meet the others on Monday afternoon. Chris will let you know as soon as we have everyone's schedule pinned down.

Talk to you soon,

So, we shall wait and see. Of course, as I have learned time and time again... don't get your hopes up. But I certainly feel 50 thousand times better than yesterday!

Plus I had a talk with my friend last night. Everything's okay. She was going through a bad patch, so I'm glad she's doing better. I absolutely love this girl and worry about her. She's trying to find a job, too, so hopefully she'll get one quickly.

Well, I'm meeting a former colleague / mentor for lunch. Then I have a PT client and then my HW shift. GAH! But I'm certainly going in a lot happier than I was yesterday, that's for sure!

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