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Cadence... Endurance... Strength... and Patience...

Those are my words of the day. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect Friday thus far...

Okay, I suppose I could have done without the 4:50 a.m. wake-up to go open HW. Then I got home at 6:30 a.m. and fell asleep until 10:15 a.m. I needed that! If I hadn't slept, I would have only gotten a total of 3 hours from last night.

Soon after I woke up, Christian and I went for a road ride. Here's the challenge: he's got a fixed gear bike, I have a road bike. So, since a fixed gear is always the same resistance, no matter what you're doing, I had to make our ride equal.

So, I set my gears so that they were next to the hardest. I matched his cadence and we were off!

GAH! Wow! What a workout! I had no idea my endurance level was that high! Spinning all winter paid off! I didn't touch my gears once, but the temptation was there... we hit a couple "hills from hell." But an hour later we completed our ride and agreed we had an excellent time.


I then drove downtown to full-body strengh train with my friend. She's a "master trainer," so not only do we get a good workout together, I learn a lot, too.

So, here I sit... exhausted, yet excited. The Dyke March is tonight! I can't wait! I've never been! I'm going with a bunch of friends. And tomorrow is the Pride parade, too.

I look at last year compared to where I am now. What difference. I can't believe how much happier I am. (Yeah, a full-time job would help, but hey...) I was sad to go to Pride myself last Spring, but I guess it was better than going with an "anti-gay" girlfriend. I never understood that.

But oh well. This year's going to be different! Parades... parties... dances... wheee!

Okay, off to nap. One of the parties I'm trying to attend tonight starts at midnight. Oh boy... it's going to be a loooooong weekend!

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