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Just Liz Erk

More Than You Probably Need To Know

Liz Erk
12 December 1976
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"Who's that girl...?"

Just Liz Erk

"They" say that all the world's a stage... I guess that makes this my personal transcript.

Or, to put it simply: "It's about me."

Everything you need to know appears in the content of this blog. It starts in the winter of 2001, but does make reference to relevant past experiences from time to time. If you ever have any burning questions, leave me a comment...

*This LiveJournal is mostly "Friends Only." If you'd like to be added, just leave a comment somewhere.

I also keep a Buzznet Photo Blog, though I don't update it that often... if you have one, stop by and say hi!

"Children are the future. Today is for ME!" --Lindsay Naegle

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